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MARCH MADNESS is Coming!  And We aren't talking about basketball folks!

We are talking about MAINTENANCE CARE for the month of March  

 What: The benefits of maintenance care explained to you at every adjustment with Dr. Dan.

When: All month long!      Where: 3308 State Street, Erie, PA 16508

Maintenance care refers to: designed or adequate to maintain a patient in a stable condition: serving to maintain a gradual process of healing or to prevent relapse.  (

When asked what are 3 key points about maintenance care here's what the State Street Doctor said,

1) Anything that has value requires maintenance.  You value your home and you value your car.  How is your health any different with regards to value?  Take care of your health and get adjusted regularly.

2) It has been statistically proven that getting adjusted during maintenance care reduces the chance of injury.  And if an injury does occur, getting adjusted regularly helps to expedite the healing process.  ( )

3) Maintenance care is different for everyone depending on the original care plan and their acute phase of care. For some patients that means every 2 weeks they come in for an adjustment.  For other patients it might mean once every 4 to 6weeks.  Still others could receive maintenance care every 8 to 12 weeks.  It depends on the individual and their spine, however, it is always care directed toward maintaining optimal body functioning.

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